Obamacare: Changes in the Healthcare System You Should Know About

The aim of health insurance is to provide the citizens of a state with basic medical facilities without having them pay heavy expenses. However, the lack of awareness about a country’s healthcare system can lead to confusion which can be detrimental to a society since it’s a matter of life and death. Although adequate health insurance is one of the rights of a citizen, it was only until recently that they were granted.

Certain insurance providers had the leverage to deny individuals that they considered as high-risk i.e., expensive to cover. This includes people who suffered from pre-existing medical conditions and a family history of a chronic illness. It was thanks to the Affordable Healthcare Act that such practices were halted.

Other changes have been implemented in the Affordable Healthcare Act such as the exclusion of treatments that are vision-related and dental care. There is also a revision that states women are entitled to free services such as mammograms while people who have health insurance that’s paid for by the government can avail discounts which are commonly defined as tax credits.

The Act states that even workers in smaller businesses have the right to health insurance that is paid for by their employer and that these companies should start implementing it. As for health insurance plans, the Act has set strict guidelines that each plan should cover a minimum of ten different categories while Obamacare holders can receive preventative services without incurring extra charges.

The new Act features Dollar limits which are the amount that their respective health insurer will have to pay after the holder of insurance policy has reached their specific deductible. The Act was revised because of religious reasons in 2014 and stated that employees could not press their employers to cover the expenses of contraception and birth control medication even if a plan covers them under the Affordable Healthcare Act. It’s important that you and your family learn about the coverage and healthcare you’re entitled to by visiting HealthIQ.com for more details about the changes in the system.